Someone Special

The man in overcoat walks with

Deep reverie in sunlinght

Doesn’t stop. Still walks

with  his shadow even in moonlight,

Never looks back

Never looks left

Never looks right

Neither looks up.

Only walks with his head down,

Grey in vain

Grey in joy

Grey in anguish

Might he be coy?

A figure which never speaks,

Never laughs, never cries

Never shouts,never sighs

Must be a creature

Of maleficent stature.

He still walks,

His feet producing a beat

That fades in and out

Out and in,yet moves in

Wearing his shadowy sheath.

Is adaptability the new political ideology?

Over the years ideology has sprouted and celebrated at the expense of political parties for their own benefits.

When ideology becomes a yardstick for the measurable and the immeasurable then it does not lead to any desired outcome for the collective mass

The course to upliftment, progress, and the renouncement of dogmatic conservatism can only be mandated by the following:

Evolution, mutation, and reformation.

As Michel Foucault observes,

The real political task in a society such as ours is to criticize the workings of institutions that appear to be both neutral and independent, to criticize and attack them in such a manner that the political violence that has always exercised itself obscurely through them will be unmasked so that one can fight against them.

No matter how utopic it might sound. It is not unwise to harbor admiration and adoration for a particular ideology, but to be blinded by it is diabolical.

Extremism, on the other hand, is vile that tends to wreck civilization and beget war. To bind oneself to a political ideology and subscribe to the blindness circumscribed to it is lethal.

The genetic influences on ideology are held to be a strong determinant in the ideological orientation of an individual, which furthermore determines the variables of motivation as well as of personality.

Primarily the model of ideology appears to exist as a unidimensional one. This is solely due to conceptualization. Practicality exerts an influence of multiple variables thereby disrupting the unidimensional model which is otherwise incomplete for the study of political ideology.

People are geared to the simulacrum of development and growth and people whose cultures are being wiped out, set their compass by fake disneyfied reconstruction of those cultures all of them spellbound by a universal model, the beau idéal ideology.

It is nothing but interpellation as Althusser suggests.

Ascertaining the modalities is not unequivocal in relation to the situation.

We are moving towards demolition. It is nothing but a conspiracy of self. We tend to sabotage and distort things by exercising our power over the fragile ones is writ large. Distortion to some is of massive, and to some is of minuscule, magnitude. However, it cannot be effaced in terms of triviality or of higher significance.

Ideology being indispensable, only at the expense of satiating the malicious intent is pernicious. Are we holding on to this dubious aspect of ideological impediments that determines our existence?

See Life is not teleological.

Let me break it down for you in a simpler manner. You think yourself to be an individual but you’re instead a colony. 

Do you know a microcosm has almost 20 times more bacteria than it has human cells? Cordyceps unilateralis. a specialized fungal parasite that infects, manipulates and kills formicine ants. This fungus enters into the ant’s body through its respiration. Consequently invading its brain and changes its way of perception of a smell. Ants are guided in accordance with their smell pheromones. This fungus thereafter makes the ant climb up the stem of a plant and bite hard on a leaf with an abnormal force. The fungus then continues to grow to leave the exoskeleton completely intact. It is therefore very important for us to conceive the fact that a tiny fungus drives the ant around like a vehicle, takes advantage of it for food and shelter, and thereby formulating the ultimate monument to itself. When it is ready to reproduce then its fruiting bodies sprout out of the ant’s head and ruptures releasing the spores. Eventually letting the wind carry out more and more of the unsuspecting food.

How do you know where you end and where your environment begins?

If you are forgetting this think about it there are godzillion number of bacteria in your body. 

What is advisable is we should and must augment ideology —

We can look into the nature of structural attributes and develop a coherent perception. A purpose no matter how insignificant that might be. As life evolves into more complex forms, one more step gets introduced in this process – this step is learning – storage of new data, acquired within the lifetime of the organism. 

Memory has evolved and mutated for supplying useful information to the organism’s decision-making systems, so they can eventually change their behavior to better suit their environment, or even predict the future based on patterns of the past. But memory is nothing but a metaphor, it’s a more of what can be called the distinctive vignetters springing out of a snapshot taken out of reality. This is an intricate system concerning these snapshots which have been acquired over a lifetime. This provides the foundational framework for devising new updated information that will useful to life’s decision-making agency. This might appear to be contradictory at times in relation to the memory from what has been genetically inherited. This leads to conflicts in between the intuition and reason, our very classical perception/idea of “heart” and the “mind.

Like the neuron unaware of the idea it is part of, we may already be a part of an emergent meaning, yet invisible to us. Might as well stick to this and see where it goes. We should strive towards the renewal of energy and aim in building systems that are cognisant of the global effects of local decisions. Evolution of practice. 


How hard it is to believe that an interdimensional space actually exists outside our understanding of the realm?

 The very conception regarding it defies the scientific notion. But what is science then if not to defy and experiment?

 Herbert George Wells popularly known as H.G Wells in his short story The Remarkable Case of Davidson’s Eyes evokes the concept of the fourth dimension. While working at a laboratory in England a certain Mr. Davidson gets struck by a lightning with the resultant outcome of his retinal components getting affected because of the presence of a huge electromagnet. He starts visualizing the events taking place at a distant island that is about eight thousand miles from England. Toddling between two poles Davidson’s case is similar to that of two points might be a yard away on a sheet of paper, and yet be brought together by bending the paper round.

What is it then that separates our physical and mental self?

 Our vision travels through the dimension in accordance with the gravitation. The very aspect regarding the black hole has always intrigued me. When two protons operate at the same speed and collide on to each other, paves the way for creating a black hole. Though it lasts for a fraction of second or so before dissipating into a void. The dispersion when mandated with authorial impetus a moral impediment relating to our judgment seems unlikely of what appears unnatural to the human eyes. They believe this to be a simulation ousting of the vignettes of phantasmagoria. Nothing real.

In any case, with the well-known psychological test Schrödinger’s cat, the quantum domain can be supported.

The Copenhagen understanding states that we just approach the branch we live in while others are rendered inaccessible by decoherence.

As a refresher, it can be said that this thought experiment shows how a cat is placed inside a sealed container with radioactive poison, which after being released results in the decay of the radioactive substance. The quantum wave relating to the atom similarly functions in a consolidated state of “going to decay” and “not going to decay in relation to the release of the poison.

 Instead of connecting the boiler to one radioactive atom, it can be attached to numerous atoms so the poison is released if any of them decay, thereby killing the cat. However, the defiance to this process can be ascribed to the quantum phenomena.

There are 100 Polonium 212 atoms with a half-life of 300 microseconds, so each atom has a 50% chance of decaying in that time. After 300 microseconds the connection between the Polonium and the poison is cut and the experiment is over. It is governed in relation to the enclosed phenomena of the vessel. Our existence is likewise governed by asymmetry to which we are circumscribed. State for instance on the off chance that we take a ball and rotate it an arbitrary angle it will still look the same. The dynamics appear invariant to our eyes. Similarly, our existence at spatially separated regions appears to be vague and void. Notwithstanding, to watch intently the account of H.G Wells reveals insight into the quantum hypothesis. The quantum particles can exist in a superposition of states simultaneously and collapse down to a single state upon interaction with other particles. One fixed place in relation to space, but can be nonlocal. This means that a particle functioning at a fixed space can function in relation to another particle existing elsewhere, in the rationality it undermines our conception of the intuitive notion of space as well as distance.

The quantum properties of a single particle do not appear to be determinate with respect to the other particle.

If we can connect two metal sheets via a superconducting wire, at that point a current will be actuated swaying at microwave frequencies (producing 5 billion vibrations per second). The electromagnetic field thereby exerts pressure on the vibrating plates. It paves the way for the electromagnetic fields to act as a kind of medium for colliding the two sheets into the entangled quantum state. The entanglement, in turn, leads to the propagation of quantum information effectuating situational quantum teleportation or what can be called an entanglement swapping. This is exactly how Davidson starts harboring visions of a distant land. This inscrutability of space-time drags me into an awry state subscribing to the notions of superposition.

Keep transcribing data in accordance with the scientific inquiry and transcend it with reason and intellect. 

Still They Ride



I’ve never been exhilarated by the thought of journeying on a train, I would’ve rather taken the road and hitchhiked. Though, all these thoughts wobble inside my tiny mind before boarding the train. But for the first time as soon as I set my foot, I felt all my cynicism had wholly dissipated. I realized something, as soon as the train trudges starting from the first station to when it lands up at its’ final stop, you will find yourself to be a part of some captivating narrative.

Getting back, my eyelids fell like a faded worn-out curtain, and as sleep begins to engulf me, ready to sing its’ lullaby. I had anticipated the jeopardy ( no it isn’t that serious, as the word proclaims) but for a man who intends to get some sleep, it is, serious. As I was about to lift my head I got kicked in the face real hard, that too by a babygirl. Ok fine, I understand it is okay to be a staunch feminist but I meant no harm. Probably it was some sort of sign from God maybe he was trying to revert to the corny “ No dozing” commandment. But, I was relieved to find that they were finally gone.

Two middle-aged Bengali ladies sat beside me and started their chit-chat and soon enough opened up to their private lives. Alright fine, I eavesdropped. But isn’t that life, where we can hear and eventually lick every single drop of each other’s emotion, and get away with it. Oh well, I guess folks might find this crap. Just had a random thought with a pinch of bullshit philosophy in it. There was this man who rigorously slapped his pot-belly after a while got bored and thereafter got busy with his paratha and pickle, I couldn’t help but just made a quick glance at the food of course, but that man lifted his head from his food and looked at me. Oh boy, that was a stern look he gave. Yes, we exchanged glances, not an intimate one. You say that when both have an equal chance of adoration. I withdrew and thought to myself that, I am wiser than this man, it is likely that neither of us knows anything worthwhile, but he thinks he knows something when he does not. I won’t let that sort of delusion to ever happen to me.

Remember that baby girl, I spoke of a little while ago, yeah that ‘feminist’ one. Well, guess what? … There she comes once again, with her mom and sits right in front of me. Maybe she’d missed her target and wanted to hit the bulls-eye this time. A young man barges into the compartment that baffled everyone, and they stop what they were doing. The baby looks up at him, as well. He was one scrawny fella I tell you, who stood there motionless for a minute or so, and suddenly burst forth,: “Hello, hello, hello? You want a divorce? Congrats! You just earned yourself one !!!…”

And he left scoffing. Well, you gotta make few indispensable decisions in life while you’re in motion, you can’t stop that’s the way it is, either you will be chased or you get to run.

“Hey can you hold my baby for a moment?” asked the mother.

“Sure,” I replied (Even though I didn’t want to).

The baby gave a smirk which seemed quite sardonic followed by a wink which was even more ironic.

Her mother said,

“Wow it seems, you’re really good with babies.”

I looked at her and gave a sly grin. Suddenly, I noticed the baby had fallen asleep.

The banter has gotten soft, the chatter broke loose, and the commotion had almost waded away. I felt for the first time that someone had actually fallen asleep in my arms. I felt the anomalies of my vigorous youth and the moments like a ceaseless network of constellations trapped in space and time intertwined in reality lacking the irrationality of a dream.

The train slows down, sixteen minutes from its last destination. Everyone gets ready to leave except the baby still in my arms, completely withdrawn from the world of deceit, cynicism, chicanery, skepticism, etc etc etc.

You know, from the time the train plods out of the first station and lands up at its final stop, you find yourself(like the baby) to be swaddled in with variegated objects of nature and not to be forgotten the ‘inscape’ – the individual distinction of every created natural object. I was lost, intertwined to my thoughts in the most intimate way possible, my memories weaved a delineate chain of pictures, and the winds outside wailed a dirge.

Lamentation of a wanderer


A Vision Itinerary, perhaps?
I tilted my head back and found the sky was all swirls of clouds and wind, furrowed brows, scalloped tides coming in, a crow on a totem pole, all of its wonder. Then, as if beyond this realm I heard my thoughts. The trees around me rustled, and the ground began to shake. Was I inside a closet?
At times, I find it quite arduous to articulate my adoration towards the variegated objects of nature, amidst the brutality of the warmongers who have always had felt the need to wage a war. For what?
In the darkness, reflections of the scattered lights of the cities flickered now and then. The river curled up the shimmering lights into springs, spread them across the placid pools and then sent them darting in my direction. I heard neither the song of birds nor the splash of fish; only the gentle rustle of leaves softening in the evening dampness.
Sometimes I sense when things are in tune, a kind of dream-pace, but real-life, present. A vision itinerary.
I fell silent in the surreal ambience, listening to the autumnal hush of the warm ground. What sounds were awakening to life within me? What song was surging up in my heart? The mystery has yet to be divined; it does not lend itself to analysis, and won’t stand for prodding.
And there’s this one thing which I learned. Never disturb a person when he is silent. He may be deep in thought about himself or all of us, he may be filled with compassion for the living and with grief for the dead.
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.